Monday, 3 December 2012

New Experiences

Hey mom!

Elder Bell and I have knocked 2 full buildings. There isn't really a mom I am close with, I'd imagine Sister Chen would be the closest thing but they are still in Taiwan and then are leaving on a mission... guess I'll just have to find one. No X-Mas tree at home, not really big in China. Elder Bell is getting more excited to Train his COUSIN! Who comes Wednesday, and I got transferred to the other Chinese area and Elder Shaver is my new companion and my new apartment has 4 Elders... fun times ahead :P

Good news about Maria (my friend from Australia who has been very sick and is slowly recovering thanks to many prayers!) and Janice! (my other friend's daughter who is getting married this week in the Calgary Temple).

Speaking of food, cool story. So this week Elder Bell and I are minding our own business, knocking people's doors in this apartment building... you know, the usual. When all of a sudden we knock into a father and son, who actually let us in! It was great (Elder Bell and Elder Riff will see them again on Friday). While we were in the lesson the phone went off a couple times. Of course we didn't dare interrupt the Spirit so we let them slide. When we check after our lesson, one of the calls was from a member that hasn't been to church in YEARS! No contact. We called back, her name is Xiao Li, and she invited us over for dinner! (This was my first DA(dinner appointment..the local members invite the missionaries over each night to feed them dinner...but where there are fewer members, there are fewer meals, so they fend for themselves) where someone actually said "hey come over" instead of us being like "FEED US PLEASE"). So we go Friday night, her husband recently came over from China and her mom was there ( both aren't members) it was so cool. We started by helping them make these little dough balls, it was fun, thought we were gonna bake or fry them.. but no.. they were boiled into the soup for dinner. We had a classic Cantonese soup, with these little chewy dough balls. Yup, it was definitely interesting. I ate quickly so they repeatedly told me to take more! I ate sooooo much! Let me tell you I was not hungry. Oh by the way the gave us tangerines and I ate a whole one by myself! Pretty crazy.

Then the next day there was a WEDDING in our Branch. A guy from Taiwan (who served his mission here) came back and married a girl in the Temple on Saturday... Pretty cool (But that meant I had to teach English class by myself, which really isn't bad considering I'm the only Mandarin missionary whose first language is English.) Elder Bell and Elder Shaver served around Feng (the guy that got married) so they got to go to the wedding with President! Elder Laboulaye and I went to work. It was pretty cool to see the branch come together for the wedding.(a branch is a smaller 'ward' which is the term that represents a geographical area and all members living in that area are in that specific ward (they are usually named or numbered) (There were more members and investigators at the wedding than that come to church! {we are working on that}) Xiao Li and her husband even came!

Well that was the excitement for this week. 
Thanks for the stories from home! Love you all so much!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir!!!

The Reformed Church that we found, Xiao Feng's baptism (Feng baptized him), and a cool orange suit that costs like 1500$ 

Seriously?  An orange suit?  lol

The Wedding Reception

Above, the District
Below, Elder Laboulaye

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