Monday, 10 December 2012

Getting familiar with a new area.

YAYYY!!! Congrats to the two of them. (I told him the news about Kaitlin and Ryan getting engaged!)

Silly parking tickets. lol Glad you had a good time.(I got yet another parking ticket in Edmonton...I always get parking tickets in Edmonton!!!!)

 Yes, we use our card for groceries. I haven't made myself anything yet :P
4 guys is great!(There's 4 of them in one apartment now.) Elder Williams and Elder Cutler are great! We all get along well, and not too messy! Plus Elder Williams likes to cook... and do dishes!

I love hearing the stories of the kids. 

I say hi to Mrs. Gondek and Mrs. Marlowe!

Pretty cool about their School.(Thickwood Heights --the little kids' school--is trying to get the classification of a performing arts school by September 2013 including music, dance, art and drama).

I think I want gel insoles, what kind should I get?(maybe his feet hurt?  lol)

Oh and still don't know where we are Skyping, still in the Chinese Branch in my new area, just work on the west side, and it's not YSA we just have a lot of YSA, sorry for the confusion.

The new area is interesting, quite different than downtown. It's good though. Elder Shaver and I get along so thats a plus too. He's a really great guy. 

This week was super cool because we taught two people on Saturday. Then that night they came to our Stake Christmas concert and sang with our branch! It was awesome! Other than that this week has just been slowly adjusting to the new area. 

I'll have some more stories next week i'm sure.

Love you all lots!! 

Elder Heinzlmeir :)

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