Monday, 31 December 2012

Record Snowfall...he can't get away from the stuff!

Well, this past week Montréal got a whopping 18.5 inches of snow in one day (Thursday the 27th).

Here is a picture showing the aftermath:

Elder Shaver


Thats so cool you met with Mrs. Marlowe! (A friend of mine and his English teacher from high school...she listened to his video I recorded speaking in Mandarin and she said he is VERY good!)  I actually didn't even know she spoke Mandarin. Cool. 

Great to hear about the boys! (Just told him some funny stories about his little brothers...)  Makes me feel close to home. Thanks so much mom for updating me on everything! :)

A giraffe would be cool! (I asked if he wanted me to bring him back a giraffe from  Funny boy.)  But I'd have to talk to President, we aren't supposed to have pets.. you know... mission rules and all.

Ya Amber is great, she got baptized last month and is such a strong member, and a great example of Christ-like love!(A woman in his area who they've gotten to know well who added me on facebook so I have another way of getting the scoop on T!)

What kind of pictures do you plan to take in Africa? That new lens you got looks pretty nifty, what does it do again? I know you will take great pictures! Can't wait to see them! How long are you in Africa for?

This week has been interesting, we did indeed go out in the snow... it is everywhere! Pretty crazy. People must think we are crazy, but that is ok, that might lead them to inquire as to why we are "crazy". I like to look at it as just "motivated" or "unstoppable" but I'm sure people are looking out their windows thinking to themselves "Well they aren't to bright"... oh well. 

Oh I sang in Church with Elder Shaver yesterday! It was great! Then we taught Priesthood/Relief Society with Elder Bell. Taught about unity and what not. Hopefully we can strengthen the Branch.

I love being a missionary, we just get to go talk to people and teach the Gospel! It's a win/win way of life!

I love the little miracles we see everyday. Anything from and appointment coming through or having the perfect snowflake fall on your sleeve. Life is full of little miracles, that is what gets us through everyday. The best part is we try to put ourselves in the position to be somebody's miracle each day. I know the Lord is blessing my life, and can bless all our lives.

I love you all so much!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir

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