Monday, 11 November 2013

A little snow...and a little stress. But it's all good.

Hey mom, 

Thanks for the update from home. I love your books, they are like journals for our family, we can show our kids what we did when we were younger! (I was telling him how I've been catching up on my digital albums...and in particular, my blog books.  I write my blog as a living journal of our family events and experiences, and at the end of the year, I 'slurp' that year into a volume of "Heinzlmeir Haven" through a company called  I then have a hard copy 'yearbook' for each year and we love looking back at the memories.  I started in 2007 so I have 6 volumes, plus I did one to cover 1989--he year we got married--up to 2006.  That volume is a bit bigger as it covers more time, and the images in that book are from scanned photos.  I'm so thankful for the digital photography world today!  Makes things much easier AND faster to process!  I also do a smaller book for trips we take as a family or individually with more detailed photos and descriptions.  AND, when each child turns 18, I do a book for them...'The First 18 Years' as a keepsake for them.) 

What a brave little dude. (Reggie had a tooth just hanging from a thread and we have some sadists in the house who like to pull teeth out of the little kids' mouths!  Last night Reg was brave enough to endure the coatings of Jenna, Dad, Lewis and Shannon...and in the end, decided it would be way better for him to pull it himself, and so he did.) 

Cool stuff, when do you leave again on your trip, it seems like you are always around the world!(We leave on the 21st for Nicaragua for 12 days to help prepare pre-missionaries for their application process...I'll be taking their pictures and helping clean dental/medical instruments and Dennis will be sterilizing the instruments.)

This week has been pretty good actually, first snow fall for Elder Mataoa. And some firsts for me too. We taught the Word of Wisdom to one of the people we are working with, and he loved it. He decided this week he would stop smoking! What a great blessing for his life, and what a great way to see the the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes our hearts, and really helps us to conquer our hardest trials. 

On Wednesday we have our mission conference. Elder Pieper of the Seventy will be visiting us, I can't wait to be inspired and learn! Pretty great experience. 

What else is new, had a pot luck after church, that was yummy.

Oh and for the mission conference I am singing with some Elders, How Great Thou Art! That will be exciting, I love to perform.

I have been a littler stressed lately, but we have these new books called "Adjusting to Missionary Life" and it is all about managing stress, so that has helped a ton. Just gotta be positive.

Hope you have a great week!

Lovwe Elder Heinzlmeir 

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