Monday, 4 November 2013


Hey mom,

The costumes look great, you truly are incredible! I like the quilt idea. (I'm going to try to make a wall hanging quilt from some of Mac's favourite clothes/ties) That's awesome about Jen! (Her papers for her mission will be sent within the next week or so because her last doc appointment last week was needed...heart specialist...and he said that her heart is 'gorgeous' and that there are no signs even of the previous issues with the mitral valve!  We feel this is nothing shy of a miracle.) I did get the package! Thank you, and thanks Josh for the ties. (His friend Josh P. had me send a couple funny that can be inflated so if you MUST fall asleep during church with your head on the pew in front of you, you can place the pillow tie between your forehead and the bench so as not to leave an obvious dent in your head...thus giving away that you were indeed dozing off during church!  lol--Taylor doesn't do this...but you never know! And the other was a camelback tie with a hidden water pouch for those times when you just can't stop for some water! lol  Funny boys must come up with these.)  Definitely handy. We ate a bunch of the candy and stuff already, the cookies are great, how did you make the swirly ones?(Jenna made swirly pumpkin/sugar cookies and we sent some to T.)  Your trip will be so amazing! (Dennis and I are leaving in a couple weeks for a service trip to Nicaragua.  It's for Smiles for Central America...a large group of dentists, doctors, hygienists, offer their services to pre-missionaries from Central America who can't afford the proper medical and dental requirements for missionaries.  Dennis will be working with the dental equipment - washing/sterilizing and I am the photographer for the trip.  I will be taking around 800 pre-mission portraits and some family portraits of people who would never otherwise have a family picture taken...ever.  We feel grateful for the opportunity to give back after being the recipients of so many acts of service over the past couple of weeks.)  Better start aprendir espanol. Es el mejor! Me gusta los tacos. Anyways...

I'm really happy to hear about all that support. It is so heart warming to hear the Christlike acts of service towards our family. I would like to add my gratitude to those that helped the family in our time of need.

Service is most definitely the best medicine. It fills our lives with charity, and our hearts with the love of Christ. When we serve others, we are serving God, and he blesses us with promised peace and happiness regardless of our circumstance. I know that has been keeping me afloat in stormy waves of emotion that rattle me occasionally. I hope this writing sounds good, and shows I am smarter than before, and doesn't sound weird, indicating the goof-ball I am. Haha. (Here lies Taylor's awesome sense of humour!  I told him that he does sound smarter...if that's possible for such a smarty-pants anyway...but that he'll always be my goof-ball.  ;o) )

I have been doing well though, we went out for sushi today, I LOVE CHINESE FOOD. And yes I recognize Sushi is actually Japanese, but only Chinese people work there so its close enough.

There is a lot to focus on as a missionary, especially now, as we are focusing on working with others to help them in their missionary efforts. It requires a lot of thought processing and time. But things really couldn't be better. I feel you all close by and your prayers are being answered.

What else is on my mind. I need a haircut, I've been neglecting it the last couple weeks, and I like keeping it short, did I mention I have been cutting my own hair? New found talent! It doesn't look quite as good as when you do it. But it's a pass at least. (He always has the right sure he gives me credit, AND let's me know he still needs me...even though he's all grown up.)

We had another good turn out at Church on Sunday, despite the illnesses ravaging our friends. Must be the change in weather. It's been nice out here too, but I feel like I am getting colder more easily, I didn't get a good couple weeks of minus forty last year to train my body.

Love you so much, have a good week!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir

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