Monday, 18 November 2013

Another week...

Hey mom,

This week was actually pleasantly warm here. No snow yet. Your trip will be so great! Enjoy it! I'll pray that all goes well. Poor Reg and Dane, I hope they start to feel better soon.(Reggie and Dane often speak of Mac and cry and question...they were very close to Mac and it's just plain hard.)

I love the picture, that's a really cool thing! Thanks for showing me! Too bad we can't wear jewelery or I might be tempted to get one.(I sent him a picture of my locket I made for Mac.)

As for my side of things, health has been alright, not sick or anything, that's a great blessing. Physically I've been a little sore, and I did have a headache yesterday, probably just because I didn't drink enough water, but morning exercise is great! Mentally, I'm improving I guess, still get side-tracked easily, but overall focus is good, and I am really learning a lot! Language is good, it improves slowly with time, I do get complimented, although I think they compliment any white guy that can speak Chinese. Frustrations come and go, all part of becoming stronger I guess.

This week was really cool though. We had a mission conference! Elder Pieper from the First Quorum of the Seventy came to visit our mission. We got to spend a day with him, being taught and trained. It was so cool to have a general authourity right there, teaching us what the Apostles directed them to teach. He taught us how do break down what he are doing into the application of principles coming from the doctrine. It was really enlightening. In our teaching we try and teach doctrine, followed by principles related to this doctrine, and invite those we teach to seek the answer as to how to develop their own faith and learn how to seek out on their own. The Spirit was so strong. We were using the Priesthood as an example doctrine, and we learned a lot about how the Priesthood blesses us and our families. After he taught us, they selected a few missionaries to have personal interviews with Elder Pieper. I was one of those chosen. That was probably one of the most incredible experiences I have had! We spoke for a short time but the Spirit was largely present. Elder Pieper wanted me to tell you that he says hello and that I am doing a good job.(How cool is that!?)

That was one highlight of the week. The other was yesterday we had a potluck for all Chinese people in Ottawa. It was great! We had about 30 people come and everyone had a great time, and were able to feel the Spirit being in the Chapel. I'm sure this will lead to teaching opportunities in the future, which means the lives of these people will be blessed. The food was delicious!

I am grateful to be here serving the Lord. I love you so much! Have a safe trip!

Love Elder Heinzlmeir

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